My latest follower
I would be remiss if I didn't begin by sharing that Thomas Aquinas now follows me on Twitter. Clearly I have finally made it in the Catholic social media-sphere and can now rest on my laurels. If you'd like to follow me, too. C'mon over! 

The rumors are true. By some (yet to be recognized by the Vatican) miracle, my handsome husband and I actually got out of the house on Wednesday... ALONE. It was enough just to have my impeccably bearded rock star all to myself, but add my favorite band at a small, outdoor venue into the mix, and call me ecstatic. Also, if you haven't heard Metric yet, you are missing out on one of the great glories of the auditory world. Start with their Fantasies album. You're welcome! 

Speaking of outdoors: look at this crazy weather! (I just referenced the weather in my blog. Is this this kiss of death for interweb convos like it is for real world ones? Moving forward!) It's in the 40s... in Texas... in MAY! We are freezing our little, southern tuchuses off. This is unacceptable, Texas. You are better than this! Thankfully, you can just look ahead in this little forecast to our predicted weekend weather perfection. Seriously: Sunny, high 70s, BLISS! 

This isn't right
Sadly, I won't actually get to enjoy any of said sunny glory, because I will be here. (Yes, I'm referencing weather twice in one post. Just revoke my blogger card right now). I'm sorry, is that too small to see? Why yes, those ARE little snowflake graphics that you see. Thank you so much for asking. I hope my (growing bigger every day) little sister appreciates what I'm sacrificing to come see her this weekend! Aw, who am I kidding. I'd go water skiing in Antarctica to hang out with her. She's the bees' knees. I'm so excited to see her and hopefully feel some of my happily gestating little nephew's awesome inter-womb ninja skills. (He gets those from his Aunt Cate). 

While we are hanging around in the KC, we're going to be celebrating the little ninja at a baby shower for my sweet sis. Last week she sent me this pic (she and her hubby are both doctors), so I've been trying to recreate these cuties (the knitted portion, not the wee human) for her. I'm quite pleased with how they came out! Sadly, I didn't have a tiny model for mine, so this pic will have to do until my adorable nephew can properly show off his sweet, science-y accessories!

Li'l E: Gamer Grrl
I don't know how other people feel about video games, but I do know that I enjoyed playing them when I was a kid, and I still went to college, made the dean's list, got two degrees, and became a productive member of society; so I was totally okay with my husband introducing our 7 year old to LEGOS Star Wars on the Wii. I was completely SHOCKED by how quickly she became adept with the controllers. So, once in a while she likes to earn some screen time and play a couple of levels. Yesterday, I decided that her daddy shouldn't have all the fun with introducing awesomeness to her digital world, so I busted out the Katamari Damacy. I loved playing this game when I was just out of college and it was just me and the hubs and a whole lot of time to be silly. It's fun, it's kid friendly, it's wildly soothing and very simple at it's core. Plus, she really delighted in the dialogue between levels. The King is rather verbose and was clearly left alone too long with a thesaurus, so I count it as a vocabulary broadener for an added bonus. Kidding, kidding. Don't send hate mail. 

The Prince
This, by the way, is the little character that you play in the game. His whole motivation is rolling around a sticky ball to collect objects and making it larger and larger. I know- when my best friend was trying to sell me on this I thought: that is the lamest premise for a game ever. Au contraire, pre-Katamari me, this game is created with the most fascinating bits and bobbles with a delightfully Japanese leaning. And the music (also Japanese) is completely ridiculous and utterly charming. It's a fun way to unwind. And look at that little prince doing his happy dance! Hmm- I wonder if my nephew needs another hat... 

KIDDING! (mostly) ;)
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